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Know Your Data,
Know Your Business

Click Targeter is a marketing platform built around a holistic reporting model. Discover how your website, and marketing channels work together to drive sales, and online leads.

Measure marketing performance
, learn easy ways to get better marketing results.

1. Integrate: Connect all your online data to Click Targeter.

2. Assimilate: Discover how your website and marketing channels work together to impact sales, new leads.

3. Allocate: Invest your time and money into the channels and advertisements with the best return on investment (ROI).

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Google Data Studio

Thank You Google! 

For giving Click Targeter an opportunity to compete in the New Data Studio Gallery.

Check out our competition, help us know what we can do to beat the best.

Click Targeter Overview

  • Identify website conversion rates & drop off points
  • Determine online marketing effectiveness

use data to...

  • Focus marketing budgets on the best days, hours
  • Improve website conversion rate
  • Allocate ad budgets to the optimal channels
  • Drive traffic to the devices most likely to convert

Reporting Platform

Track Marketing Success Anytime, From Any Device.

  • Automate: Real time data from websites, CRMs, Phone Systems, Email and almost everything else. Save time and prevent human errors.

  • Communicate: Compare paid ads to free and organic traffic. Get your team on the same page.

  • Innovate: Experiment with new tactics and messages. Be able to prove what's working, what's not.
Click Targeter Report Stack

Mark Michuda -
Call on The Go

“ Since using Click Targeter, we discovered a lot of the campaigns I thought were losing money, were actually making me 200%+ ROI.

I would recommend Click Targeter to any business owner who is spending money on marketing and wants to know what’s working and what’s not. ”



Discover website drop off points. Compare marketing performance. Just connect Google Analytics.

Powered by Google Data Studio


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Capture all possible website and marketing information. Interpret your data through our reporting model.

Fully Setup For You

Andy Steves - Weekend Student Adventures Europe

" With Click Targeter it was easy to evaluate what had and hadn't worked in the past, and to pinpoint what we could do to convert more visitors to sales. 

Just having the data was great, but the help interpreting that data and creating an action plan was really what sold us on the services. "


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Google, Bing and 

Facebook Networks

Search, Display &
Remarketing Ads

One Time - Data Driven


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Our team uses your input and results to to keep every detail of your pay per click accounts up to date.

Cross Channel Media Optimization

One simple, powerful marketing platform.

Go farther, go further, go harder.

"Know Your Data, Know Your Business."

Omaha, Nebraska