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Simple Template Empowers Online Marketers to Double Advertising ROI

Website Report

"Know Your Data, Know Your Business."

  • Identify Website Funnel Drop Off Points
  • Determine Online Marketing Success Rate
  • Hold your Data Accountable
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • Printable, Get your People on the Same Page

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Click Targeter Uses Data to Target Online Ads, and Increase Return on Client's Advertising Spend (ROI). Our Approach is Simple....

1. Integrate ALL Your Marketing Data into a Cloud Database

2. Track Marketing Performance from our Reporting Suite

3. Relax, as Click Targeter Optimizes Your Advertising Accounts

Allocate Advertising Budget
to the Optimal Channels 

Focus Marketing on
Best Days, Hours

Drive Traffic to the Devices Most Likely to Convert 

Identify and Target the Most Profitable Geographies

Performance Driven Account Optimization

Ad Report

Every Aspect of Your PPC Advertising Accounts Handled.

Supported Ad Networks: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads

Our goal is to maximize your marketing spend. To identify the most profitable areas within an account, Click Targeter keeps track of every piece of your online business. This data is used to allocate your budget to the best advertising channels, best messages, most profitable segments and best times of day.


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Campaigns Continually Optimized Around Report Findings, and your Input.





You Own Your AdWords Account - If you choose to leave, you take your account with you.

The Foundation. Plug in your Google Analytics. View your website's performance.

Accounts Built Around Your Industry's Keywords. Any Existing Data Issues Fixed.




(of PPC Spend)

Do More of Whats Workings,
Less of Whats Not.

Mark Michuda - Call on The Go

“ Since using Click Targeter, I discovered a lot of the campaigns I thought were losing money, were actually making me 500%+ ROI over a 15 – 45 day period! I would recommend Click Targeter to any small business owner who is spending money on marketing and wants to know what’s working and what’s not. ”

Andy Steves - Weekend Student Adventures Europe

" With Click Targeter it was easy to evaluate what had and hadn't worked in the past, and to pinpoint what we could do to convert more visitors to sales. Just having the data was great, but the help interpreting that data and creating an action plan was really what sold us on the services. "

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Calculating performance of online marketing is tough. If you don't know what's driving your digital business, online advertising can turn into an expensive guessing game.

To understand what's driving your online marketing, Click Targeter brings all your data into our reporting suite. Our team uses the reporting suite to optimize every aspect of your AdWords, Bing Ads & Facebook Ad accounts.

Through aligning each advertising setting with your target, it's easy to see massive increases in return on advertising spend. Do more of what's been working, less of what's not.

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"Know Your Data, Know Your Business."

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